Symondsbury Manor

Sometimes, nothing is more welcome than an unscheduled coffee break at Symondsbury Manor.


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Musical afternoon

On 24 February we were treated to a musical afternoon followed by a buffet supper. Residents enjoyed singing along to some old favourites.


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Valentines Day

14 February Valentines Day. With the dining room decked out with roses and candles, residents enjoyed a cosy Valentines Day supper.




Our theme for February is monkeys. That's because of the Chinese New Year which happens this month and welcomes the year of the monkey. So we got busy painting monkey faces.


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Colyton footballers

We were delighted to welcome three young footballers from Colyton who came to play board games with us in order to raise some funds for their trip to France to take part in a tournament. We're looking forward to them returning to tell us all about it. And so that we can beat them at Scrabble.


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Garden bird survey

We've been putting out bird food and keeping an eye out in readiness for the RSPB Big Garden Bird Survey. On 26 January we turned our hand to origami and made some paper birds to decorate the tables just in case no birds showed up for the survey.


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Music afternoon

On 25 January we all enjoyed an afternoon of music and the ladies in particular enjoyed being serenaded by Eddie.


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Yum yum!

Strawberries for supper!


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Axe Wildlife

Dsc 0668We always love to see the people and animals from Axe Wildlife so were very happy when they came to visit on 14 January.

As always, Archie the Armadillo proved to be a big hit with everyone scurrying under the chairs - can you spot the blur? We made some new friends this time as we got to handle some fluffy ferrets and a rather glamorous guinea pig who let everyone have a stroke.


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On 12 January we enjoyed a visit from the super Forget-Me-Not people who brought lots of visit items relating to Royalty to jog our memories. We enjoyed dressing up in tiaras and garden party attire.


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